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Very soon YOU will be Doing Your Own Accounts !!

What can you get from Doing Your Own Accounts ?

You can start with an automated Workbook to use on your own Personal Computer. Suitable for any sized small business or Charity. We provide free support to ensure that you will know what you are doing. Additional Workbook Modules are available to automate even more of the task of accounting


a series of Lessons that explain all you need to know about accounting for the small enterprise and Charity. These lessons are also available as a collection in an eBook

When you are ready, we will help you to graduate to using more tools and then help you to select a software package appropriate for your business and provide support

We can even help you with choosing a Personal Computer suitable for your needs

In the case of Start Ups we can also link you to a kit of the stationery, document storage system, accounting templates and other necessary tools to suit your start up plans. See the list




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Doing Your Own Accounts

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What is Doing Your Own Accounts ?

A service to Small and Medium Size Enterprises (SMEs), Start Ups and Charities that will help the management of the enterprise to do their bookkeeping and accounting and understand the financial status in order to make better decisions based on up to date information

Why are we here ?

Our aim is to help SMEs, Start Ups and Charities to put their money and time to better use than by paying the high fees demanded by the 'accounting professionals' for questionable support

Who and What are we ?

Visit our Welcome page to see the full extent of what we have to offer from free accounting workbooks to fully supported PC systems. The charges involved are fair and are relative to the type of service you need for your business and at your level

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